November 13, 2015


We regard claim time as THE most important part of any insurance product.  This is the time you need something done quickly, efficiently and without wasting your precious time.  We use industry leading claims processes utilising the latest technology that allows you to claim online and then monitor the progress of each claim in real time. We provide:

  • Claims management services for Group/Corporate schemes;
  • Tailored claims and administration websites developed to client specifications;
  • Advanced reporting functionality and access to the latest dashboard tools;
  • Online support services for employees including 24 /7 paperless claims process;
  • HR administration services including detailed real time reports;
  • Claims Consulting and audit services;
  • 24/7 emergency assistance for expat and travel schemes;
  • Online travel security and claims services supported by mobile apps; and
  • Employee Travel Tracker services including direct data streaming.

Lodge Claim and upload documents using online portal:

Claim 1


Track Claims in real time with itemised payment schedule:

Claim 2

Online reporting to get overview of claims history:

Claims 3

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